Thursday, April 30, 2009

She's my girl!

Amelia just cruised by me with her baby in her stroller telling me she was going to Stroller Strides. Awwwww. She did a few laps and started getting faster and faster. She slipped in her socks and fell down (we have hard wood floors and tile). I said to her, "you know you aren't supposed to run in socks." She got up and started going again,"but, Momma! I am running a marathon!"

Like mother like daughter. It warms my heart.

oh... she just crossed the finish line in victory. :-)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kitty Kitty vs. The Easter Bunny

Our cat is a predator. In the years that we have had her, she has brought in various samplings of her prey (both alive and dead) including numerous mice, a couple of birds, a few rats (*shudder*) and most recently a rabbit (Kenny found this one up in our room-- EWWWWWWW).

Jackson just came out of his room after being tucked in for the night. I asked what was wrong (as I hid plastic eggs and fillings behind my back). He was very concerned that Kitty Kitty (yes... that is her name) would attack the Easter Bunny. Can we make sure that Kitty is outside tonight? Oh! But what if the Easter Bunny comes in from the outside and she gets him??

Don't worry, Jackson, we reassured him. The Easter Bunny is tough. The kitty won't hurt the Easter Bunny. We promise.

I sure do love that kid!