Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Chapter

This is a couple of weeks late.... I wanted to share some pictures of a momentous day in our little world. My baby started school. There's no going back now. The growing up thing is happening faster and faster and there is nothing I can do about it.

Amelia has been wanting to go to "Jackson's school" for some time now. It was always for "big kids." The director offered me a spot in October for her. I am pretty sure that she would have loved it just as much then. But I wasn't ready. Right before Christmas, she told me that she had a spot available in January. I knew that it would be now or not again until the summer. Amelia is nearly three (sniff sniff) and is really ready. I knew that I was just going to have to suck it up. I had been taking her to a mom's morning out in order to get Christmas shopping done and the hours of free time it gave me was great. I suppose I was finally ready to admit that my baby is becoming a big girl.

I was prepared for her to be enthusiastic about school. I don't think I was quite prepared for how enthusiastic she was. She had to be reminded to say good-bye to me and give me a hug and kiss. That is not just for the first day. Every day since, she has run off to her friends without a second thought about mom. I suppose it is good. She is confident. She is independent. The only thing that makes me feel better is that she is excited to see me when I pick her up after lunch. On her first day, I was fine. I didn't have any tears like I thought I might. I just had an empty feeling while driving away. When I went to pick her up on the second day, she was sitting at a table with other kids eating her lunch. At that moment, a wave of emotion hit me. She really was a big girl.
Here she is, ready to go. She is dropping off her lunch box before going out to the playground before school.
Out at the playground being forced to pose for that "1st Day of School" picture. Jackson wanted to get in on the action. Once I was done making her pose, she ran over to the "merry go round" that several of the kids were on.

I stuck around until they lined up and went into the classroom for circle time.
She didn't look quite sure at first, but seemed to find her place.

She had a great day that day and every day since. For two days a week she gets to be a big girl at school. The rest of the week she is still my baby ;-)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year...

Here is an overview of 2008 with some pictures...

January (we didn't take any pictures in January....oops)

I embarked on a journey with three women that changed my life. My Stroller Strides buddies, Jen and Laura, made an announcement in class that they were going to run the Rock-n-Roll marathon in June. I had always thought about running a marathon someday and the opportunity was presenting itself to me in a perfect package: other moms running it for the first time. The next four months four of us (Jen, Laura, Lisa and myself) ran hundreds of miles together. That decision would change my life and how I see myself forever...

My kids are getting bigger. I don't have babies any more. I just love how much they are growing to love each other. Unfortunately, there are almost as many moments where they are fighting as there are funloving ones. In the end, they are each the other's favorite person.

My BABY turned two. Where has the time gone? We didn't have a party this year, but we took her to an indoor playground and out to dinner. She had a good day. I don't think we'll be able to avoid a party this year. She's been talking about it since September.

I also ran my second race ever. Our little training group ran the Resolution Run 15K. It was the furthest that three of us had ever run.

We went with my friend and running partner Jen and her husband to her sister's house in Canyon Lake, CA. We waterskiied, swam and had a wonderful weekend with new friends. The kids are all the same age and it worked out perfectly. Jen and Greg have similar parenting styles and we all get along great.

My life was focused a lot on running. The marathon was coming up and we did our longest runs in May.

The big day arrived on the first. Months of training had led up to that day. It was a day of relief, excitement, happiness and even a little disappointment. I ran 26.2 mile in 4:54. I had hoped for a 4:30 finish, but when all is said and done I FINISHED A MARATHON.

A week after the marathon, Kenny underwent surgery to fix his hip. He had a hip resurfacing procedure, which was a major surgery. They shaved of the outside of the top of his femur and put a metal cap there. Six months after the surgery, he is good as new. For the first time since we've been married, he doesn't limp, especially after exercise. He is able to play basketball and volleyball without pain.

We had a fun month. We spent the 4th up in Dana Point.
My friend, Heather, had her baby girl Devon. She is a sweet-dispositioned baby and will be a nice complement to her active big sister. Jackson and Amelia just love her!

At the end of the month we went on a family vacation with Kenny's parents and sister to Big Bear. It was beautiful and there was a lot of fun stuff for the kids. One of the highlights was a pirate cruise on the lake.

The house we stayed in had a great deck with a beautiful view of the lake. It was very relaxing at sunset.

The kids continued swimming lessons at Bubbles Swim School. It was amazing to see how much improvement they had. Amelia is almost 100% water safe (she still has to be reminded sometimes of her rolling over skills etc.). Jackson is a confident swimmer and loves it.

I ran my first half marathon (ironic that it was after my first full marathon). My friend and running partner Laura ran it as well. We ran the first half together and then I started fading during the second half. It was a hot day and the race was hard, but I am very glad I did it.
Jackson turned five. He is growing up to be such a great kid. He had a pirate party down at Spanish Landing park on the bay. There was a buried treasure full of prizes for all the kids to share. The weather was perfect, so after treasure hunting the kids went swimming. Who needs a bouncy house when you have the beach?

The kids had a fun Halloween. They were probably both in the most common costume for their age groups. They didn't care. They had a great time playing the part. They both dress up in their costumes still on a regular basis.

Even Mommy and Daddy got into the spirit! Jackson's best friend Greyson was a pirate too!

Kenny and I went to Moab, Utah for a mountain biking weekend. Jackson and Amelia stayed with Uncle Jason and Aunt Kristi and had fun playing with their cousin, Serena. It was a lot of fun and the scenery was unbelieveably breathtaking. I definitely got bitten by the mountain biking bug. It is difficult for us both to do it, as I am not confident enough to ride alone. We need to wait until we have someone to watch the kids.

This was the best year in terms of Christmas spirit for the kids. It was PRIME Santa year. Amelia completely understands the concept and Jackson doesn't doubt at all. They both squealed at all the Christmas lights as we drove around our neighborhood. Simple white lights on a house would elicit oohs and ahs from these kids. It was really fun.

We flew to Portland for Christmas. There was record snow on the ground. During our direct flight from San Diego they closed the Portland airport. They diverted us to the tiny Yakima airport for several hours. If you look at these pictures, you'll notice that Amelia is wearing my sweatshirt. I had her coat packed in the suitcase and never thought that we would be out on a snowy runway. It was an adventure.

The kids loved their first real taste of snow. Every day, Daddy had them out frolicking in the winter wonderland.

It was a great Christmas and a great year. I hope the next year is even better. Happy 2009!