Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Officially entering a new chapter of motherho.od...


It was a long hard road, but I think we have made it. Amelia has gone four days without an accident. Pooping in the toilet instead of her panties seems to have 'clicked.' Wooo hooo!!!! She is very proud of herself and is a BIG girl.

The last month or two alone is enough to make me thankful that I am done having kids. We are ready to move forward with growing up.

It is all somewhat bittersweet.


Emma said...

Yeah Amelia!!!

I can't wait until we are done too. We are still having difficulty with pooping in the toilet. Aggghhh. I think I have spent more money on Dora undies than I have on diapers.

WTG on this milestone. You really have a big girl now.

tifferbob said...

This is big stuff, congrats!