Saturday, April 12, 2008

small world...

Probably everyone reading this knows that we were evacuated during the fires in October of last year. The Harris fire burned up and over Mt. Miguel, which is directly behind our house. It came down into our canyon where firefighters and helicopters stopped its progress. On Tuesday, October 23 we turned on the TV and saw the fire blazing with our house in the foreground! The news crew zoomed in on our house (which is the first on the block) and showed a group of firefighters sitting on our lawn furniture watching the fire and waiting. I called the local fire department and told them to get a message to the crew that they were welcome to anything in our home... water, soda etc. I wanted those guys to stay put in case the fire came close to our house! When we returned home, we realized that they had been in our house. They removed some curtains from an upstairs window as a precaution as well as pulling some other curtains away from the big picture window on our landing.

Well................ Jen's husband Greg, who we just spent a long weekend with, is a firefighter for National City. One evening at the lake house, we were chatting about the fires and comparing stories. Greg asked where we live. He then asked some more specific questions. Suddenly, his eyes got big and he laughed and said, "I used your bathroom!" He was in our house! He sat on our chairs! This was before I had met him, so he had no way of knowing that the children in the pictures on the wall played with his kids at Stroller Strides.

Out of the thousands of homes threatened by that fire and the thousands of firefighters protecting those homes.... what are the odds??!! It boggles my mind.

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