Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Great Forecast!

Amelia turns 3 a week from today. Where did the time go???

I am super happy that the forecast calls for sunny and 73 degrees on Saturday for her party. We have borrowed a friend's jumpy house and Kenny has added some cute features (a steering wheel and trapeze swing) onto the play structure in the backyard. Between playing outside, coloring and doing foam crafts inside, twelve preschoolers will be entertained. I know that you should really only have three or four kids at a three-year-old's birthday, but how do you pick and choose kids from a playgroup? I am friends with all the moms and Amelia calls all the invitees her friends. I didn't even invite any kids from her preschool.

I think we are pretty darn lucky to be able to call so many people our friends. Isn't that what really matters?

I am looking forward to Saturday.

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h2ojennifer said...

Yes sweetie that is what really matters. Thanks so much for the nice email yesterday.