Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My baby is THREE.

March 17, 2006 12:04 a.m. (look at how big she is... she looks like the newborns in the movies. LOL)

Her big brother loved her right away.

At 5 months old, you could tell that she was going to have beautiful blue eyes. She has enchanted us with those eyes. How many people in the future will be enchanted by those eyes?

She was a butterfly her first Halloween. To me, she looks like an angel.

Our little precocious 9-month-old took her first steps right before Christmas.

And by her first birthday, she was cruising the party.

Here she is on her 2nd birthday.

She is really becoming Daddy's little girl...

Mmmmm.... cupcakes!

by three years old, she really gets the idea of a birthday party in her honor. She loved every minute of it!

She really is our little princess.

Although the day after her party, she said in a matter-of-fact manner, "Mommy... I don't like princesses anymore. I like POWER RANGERS. Next time I want a Power Ranger party."
Ah, the fickle nature of a three-year-old.
Where did the time go???


Tara said...

Love the post - it seems like all of our girls are princesses!!! :)

you are an amazing mama!!!!

cami said...

Love the pics! Your girls are just adorable! :)