Sunday, December 7, 2008

I wish I had a camera in my eyes....

Do you ever have those moments that you want to save, but running for the camera would ruin it? Or getting the picture is next to impossible? I do all the time.

Here is a brief list of some visions that I have committed to memory that I WISH I had snapshots of:
  • Tonight, when the kids saw the Christmas lights on the house for the first time. With the glow of the lights on their faces, the happiness and wonderment was apparent.
  • The other day when I was swinging with Amelia on my lap at the park. As we were swinging and she was going up toward the sky, her joy was actually breathtaking. What my eyes saw was a beautiful little girl with her hair blowing from the movement of the swing with a gorgeous blue sky behind her. Her smile was pure and it overflowed to her eyes.
  • The first seconds after Jackson was born. They put him on my stomach and he lifted his little head (he was a very strong little guy) and looked toward me.
  • When Jackson is singing or dancing with the tv and he doesn't think I am watching. When we watch, he either gets embarrassed or hams it up even more. I love his natural love of music.

I would love to invent glasses that had a super high mega pixel camera that could take pictures in a blink of an eye. For now I will just rely on my fading memory. Maybe writing them down will help me to recall them later....

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Danielle said...

I whole-heartedly agree my camera does not do justice to some of the most precious moments of life & motherhood! I miss you all & hope you are gearing up for a lovely Christmas celebration!