Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A notice to Southen California drivers out there...

PLEASE learn how to drive in the rain. If you can't do it, STAY HOME.

*drive a little slower than normal (some of you speed demons are a menace) BUT please don't drive like an eighty year old woman. It is not like there is slick ice on the road. A normal speed where you are in complete control will suffice. Keep several car lengths between you and the car ahead of you.

*put your freakin' headlights on. is pouring down rain and someone with a GREY car doesn't think it is prudent for other drivers to see him? This is an easy one, folks.

*Give yourself plenty of time to change lanes, exit the freeway etc. There is really no need to cut over two or three lanes when there is standing water. I can't believe how many people cut me off this week!

Living in Southern California is funny when any sort of weather hits. You would have thought we had a blizzard. Many of my friends didn't leave the house (which might be a good thing...less people on the roads). The people that did leave the house seemed freaked out. I suppose it is tough getting used to driving in driving rain when it only rains a few times a year (and even then it seems to rain overnight and clear up during the day). I can't even imagine how NUTS the roads were like in Las Vegas this week. If people can't hack driving in the rain, I am sure snow blew their minds!

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