Sunday, March 30, 2008

My kids are great (part 2)

Amelia (aka Mia)... what can I say about her? She is simply amazing. To think that Kenny and I considered stopping at one child. We both assumed that since Jackson was SUCH a good baby, toddler etc. that we would end up with a devil child to put balance into the world. We had friends that reminded us ALL the time that Jackson was an abnormally good baby and we would be in for it with our second. I am so glad that we completed our family with this wonderful little girl.

Amelia was a little harder as a baby, but ANY baby would be tough when you have a toddler to deal with. She was a NORMAL baby. I wouldn't say that she was particularly fussy or colicky. She spit up ALL the time, but it didn't seem to hurt her disposition too much. She gave me fits by not gaining weight quickly enough, but I was lucky to have a great lactation consultant who, coincidentally, is married to our pediatrician. Between monitoring the amount of milk she was getting from me and getting reassurance from the dr that she was just a skinny kid by nature, I made it through those worries just fine. Even being a little skinny mini, she reached physical milestones very early. She rolled over before she was three months old. She crawled at five months. She took her first steps at nine months. She was definitely getting adequate nutrition!


Fast forward to my skinny mini two-year-old.... She is smart as a whip. People tell me it is because she is the second child. I honestly think she is very smart. I know that her early talking is a result of exposure to her brother, but how quickly she learns new things is all her. Just yesterday I was reading a book to her and pointed out that one of the characters was juggling (it wasn't written in the story, just animated that way). Today when we were reading the same book she pointed out that the Lion was juggling. I know... that is pretty normal, but I am a proud mommy. I'll let you know if she points to a different juggler and identifies the activity--then you can be impressed.

Amelia has a real sparkle to her. Often it shows up as that mischievous gleam in her eye when she is doing something that she isn't supposed to be doing. Other times I see it in her goofy sense of humor. She loves to make silly faces and talk in a funny voice.

Like her brother, she loves music. Just this morning, I heard her on the monitor waking up singing . I then recognized that she was singing her favorite song from Stroller Strides-- "Alligator, Alligator...can be your friend, can be your friend...whoo!" The other day I was talking about how it was someone's birthday and she started singing "happy birthday."

I always thought that Jackson was a talkative kid, but Amelia puts him to shame. Now granted, Jackson was only saying a few words by the time he was two, so it isn't a fair comparison, but I don't remember him narrating his life as much as she does. While her vocabulary is huge, her pronunciation still has a way to go. My favorite is how she replaces her "s's" with "h's." She loves the song, "We Are the Dinosaurs" on the Laurie Berkner cd. She says, "Momma, I hinging Dinohaurs!" It is SO cute!

BOTH my kids are developing really cute personalities. And how can you NOT admit how CUTE they are?? ;-)

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