Wednesday, May 14, 2008

our little princess...

For a while now, getting pajamas on Amelia has been a battle unless they were one of two PJs. She will gladly wear her Dora jammies or her princess jammies. On those nights when I havent' done a load of her clothes and neither jammies are clean, it is a battle of wills with this independent little two-year-old. It is either convincing her of the merits of flowers or polka dots or forcing them on her in an all-out battle. Neither are appealing after a long day.

SO.... I decided to buy additional jammies that would excite our little girl who is every bit of a two-year-old girl. Thanks to Jen, I found Disney Princess nightgowns at fabulous prices at These were seriously good deals (i.e. $2.99 for a nightgown). I found four velvet nightgowns of various princesses. When they arrived today, Amelia was SO excited. She started taking her clothes off to put them on. "No," I said, "not until after dinner for night-night." The minute dinner was over, she was asking to wear her Princess jammies. She chose to wear Princess Aurora tonight (from Sleeping Beauty).

Look how flippin' CUTE she is!!!!
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And Jackson wanted to show off his new jammies too! FYI... Jackson is NOT picky about which jammies he wears, but he has discovered Power Rangers recently and can't get enough....
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Luvkids334 said...

I love these pics, Amelia is starting to look just like you.
So, so cute.
Glad you were able to find some more PJs to her liking ;-)

Steph T. said...

holy moly, lisa... i was just looking through your blog and found this pic of amelia. i have to agree with penny. she looks EXACTLY like you! it's uncanny! especially in that 2nd pic of her! wow! so cute (both of them, of course). :)
(oh, and sleeping beauty is kaia's fav too)